out of the blue |常用俚語! 和藍色有關係嗎?

out of the blue 是常聽到的英文俚語。是什麼意思呢?跟藍色有關係嗎?

答案是跟藍色一點關係也沒有,out of the blue是表示事情突然發生,沒有預警或預兆,讓人感到意外。






I. out of the blue 用法

  1. 意思:意外地; 未事先告知地
  2. 意義:用來形容突然發生的事情,沒有預警或先兆
  3. 用法:當副詞用,可用unexpectdly代換。


II. out of the blue 例句

A job offer came out of the blue and I accepted it.



The car broke down out of the blue in the middle of the highway.



He called me out of the blue to invite me to his wedding.



The company announced layoffs out of the blue, leaving many employees shocked.



She received a scholarship out of the blue, which helped her afford college.



The thunderstorm hit out of the blue, catching everyone off guard.



I bumped into my old friend out of the blue while shopping downtown.



The amazing opportunity to travel abroad came out of the blue.



The song on the radio reminded me of her out of the blue.



The company received a large order out of the blue, boosting their sales.



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