in the wind| 除了在風中,也有「即將發生」之意嗎?

in the wind 有什麼意思呢?除了常見的「在風中」的意思,還有其他的用法嗎?



in the wind用法




I. in the wind 用法

  1. 意思:「即將發生」。
  2. 意義:表示某種事件、變化或可能的情況正在靠近或即將到來。
  3. 聯想:可聯想成風吹過地面,給人一種不確定的、隨時會發生的感覺。
  4. 用法:指人們能夠感受到某種變化即將發生,但具體細節或結果尚不清楚。
  5. 代換:be about to happen; be about to take place


II. in the wind 例句

There are rumors in the wind that a major reorganization is about to take place in the company.


→ 表示「謠傳」,還可以使用It is rumored that …的句型


The farmers could feel change in the wind as the weather patterns shifted unexpectedly.



With the tension rising in the region, it seems that conflict is in the wind.


→ 可代換成conflict is about to happen


The political atmosphere is charged with anticipation, and you can sense that something big is in the wind.



The stock market has been quite volatile lately, and traders believe a significant correction is in the wind.



有紮實的文法概念對於新多益或英檢考試都能輕鬆應付。面對多益100題選擇,絕對要把握前30題用來飆分搶時的文法與單字題。如果要結合新多益(New TOEIC)準備,推薦怪物講師系列。有興趣的朋友,也可以到 博客來網路書店 參考:


Rumors of a major product launch are in the wind, creating excitement among the customers.



The tension between the two rival teams was palpable, indicating that a fierce competition was in the wind.



The company’s financial reports hinted at possible layoffs in the wind.



The feeling of change was in the wind as the country prepared for upcoming elections.



The news of a potential merger between the two companies was in the wind, causing speculation in the business world.



With the recent discoveries in medical research, a potential cure for the disease is in the wind.



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