adopt用法 |和adapt, adept, adjust怎麼分?

adopt用法 是什麼?

adopt和adapt, adept, adjust長得好像,怎麼區分?







adopt用法 |和adapt, adept, adjust比較


  • 常用意思:(1) 採用; 採取 (2) 收養
  • 詞性與詞類變化:adopt (v); adoption 採用; 收養 (n); adoptive (adj) 採用的
  • 常用搭配字:adopt a method 採用方法; adopt a child 收養小孩
  • 例句:


We have decided to adopt a new approach to marketing.


→ adopt a new approach 採用新方法


They decided to adopt a child from a foreign country.


→ adopt a child 收養孩子


The new policy was adopted by the government.


→ adopt a new policy 採用新政策


We should adopt a more proactive approach to problem-solving.



The general manager adopted the senior employee’s suggestion, hoping to solve their financial crisis.


→ adopt sb’s suggestion 採用某人的建議


The company has adopted a new software system.



The family decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle.


→ adopt a … lifestyle 採用某生活方式




  • 常用意思:(1) 調適 ~ to (2) 使適應 ~ onself to (3) 改編
  • 詞性與詞類變化:adapt (v); adaptation 適應; 改編 (n); adoptable (adj) 適應力強的; 適合的
  • 常用搭配字:adapt to a new environment 調適; adapt oneself to 讓自己調適; be adapted into 被改編成
  • 例句:


I need to adapt to the new working environment.


→ adapt to a new environment 適應新環境


She needs to adapt herself to the new school environment.


→ adapt oneself to a new environment 使自己適應新環境


The company has had to adapt its products to meet changing consumer demands.



The animals had to adapt to their new habitat.



It can take time for most people to adapt to a new culture.


→ adapt to a new culture 適應新文化


We need to adapt our plans to account for unexpected changes.



The book was adapted into a movie.


→ be adapted into … 被改編成…




  • 常用意思:(1) 改變…以適應 adjust onself to (2) 調整 (3) 校準; 校正
  • 詞性與詞類變化:adjust (v); adjustment 調節; 調整 (n); adjustable (adj) 可調整的; 可調節的
  • 常用搭配字:adjust oneself to; adjust to N/V-ing
  • 例句:


I need to adjust to the time difference.


→ adjust to 適應…


He needs to adjust the temperature on the air conditioner.



She had to adjust her expectations for the project.



The machine needs to be adjusted to work properly.



We had to adjust our plans due to bad weather.



The teacher adjusted the difficulty of the exam based on the students’ abilities.



She needs to adjust to living on her own.


→ adjust to + V-ing 適應做某事




  • 常用意思:(1) 熟練的; 擅長的 (adj)  (2) 能手 (n)
  • 詞性與詞類變化:adeptness (n) 熟練
  • 常用搭配字:be adept at
  • 例句:


He is an adept musician.



She is adept at playing the piano.


→ be adept at 熟練於…


The chef is adept at cooking seafood dishes.


→ be adept at 熟練於…


He is an adept negotiator.



She is an adept programmer.



The athlete is adept at multiple sports.


→ be adept at 熟練於…

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