There is no V-ing -來快速學會「做某事是不可能的」用法

表示「做某事是不可能的」,除了It is impossible to V的基本用法,還可以用簡單易學的There is no V-ing。


There is no V-ing,這是個簡單易學的句型,一起來看看吧!




There is no V-ing用法

  1. 這個句型意思是「做某事是不可能的」。
  2. 是從no+名詞的概念而來,因此需要將動詞改為動名詞。
  3. 搭配使用的動詞有deny(否認)、know(知道)、argue(爭辯)、tell(辨別)、expect(期待)等。
  4. 動名詞後可接that引導的名詞子句疑問詞引導的子句

I. There is no V-ing + that名詞子句

There is no denying that laughter is the best medicine.


→There is no denying意為「不可否認」

→deny + that名詞子句表否認此事


There is no arguing that people should respect each other.


→There is no arguing意為「不用爭辯」

→argue + that名詞子句表爭辯此事


II. There is no V-ing + 疑問詞引導的子句

There is no knowing when the pandemic will be evadicated.


→There is no knowing意為「不知道」

→know + 疑問詞引導的子句,表不知道何時


There is no expecting what this selfish man will do for others.


→There is no expecting意為「不可能期待」

→expect + 疑問詞引導的子句,表不不可能期待什麼




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